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American author Barry Haws developed an undying love for writing during his childhood. He was inspired by his father who always encouraged him to go after whatever made him happy. Writing does that for him, thus he invests all his time and resources in being a successful writer.

To unlock his full potential as a writer, he studied creative writing at Full Sail University, Florida. He once worked as a heavy equipment operator but quit his job to make writing his full-time career.

The real world presents us with occurrences we’d rather forget. This is why Barry Haws writes—to forget. He views writing as a creative outlet through which he can forget about the real world and create a world of his own; a world where he is able to shape things and be in total control.

He writes gay paranormal erotica which gives the world a clue about his sexual orientation. He currently resides in Alaska and enjoys the company of his cherished pets—two dogs and a cat.

Other than being a passionate writer, his love for literature has also molded him into an avid reader. When he’s neither reading nor writing, you can find him hiking, fishing, or exploring the world by visiting new places.


Hunt for Love:
A Man Love Romance

by Barry Haws

  When Andrew Nathanson flees the city, he never plans to look back. After spending years trapped in an abusive relationship where his partner repeatedly cheated on him and lied to him, he’s ready for a new start. So when he hits the road with his dog Rupert and finds himself inexplicably drawn to a house in the countryside, he is sure that it’s just his innate desire to live somewhere far from the urban sprawl that claimed him before. But in the depths of the misty woods, he meets Leon, Leon’s mysterious dog, and the rest of Leon’s hunt.

  A fantastical erotic romance, Hunt for Love explores connection, hope, and redemption as Andrew finds a bond in Leon he could never have imagined, and a home that he would never have predicted.


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Gary F. Billington

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